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Sharpening Services At
The Little Traveler 


  • Knife Sharpening

  • Scissors Sharpening Household and Fabric Only(No Hair or Pet Scissors )

  • Garden Tools - See Pricing for Garden Tools we Sharpen 

  • Serving Geneva, Batavia, St. Charles and the Fox Valley

We Provide

Professional Knife, Scissors  Sharpening and More 

Housewares Dept
404 South 3rd Street

Geneva,  IL 60134









Call the Housewares Dept for Details
(630) 232-4200
About Us

We have partnered with John's Sharpening Service of Westmont, IL to bring Geneva, Batavia, St. Charles and the Fox Valley communities convenient  Expert Sharpening Services.

We sharpen scissorsHousehold and Fabric ( No Hair or Pet Scissors), Kitchen Knives and most other types of knives along with garden tools .


We use only the latest state of the art equipment and methods from around the world.  We use the right equipment for the right job.  

Combine this with the thirty plus years of experience maintaining  knives. We work hard to make your knives, scissors and tools the sharpest they can be.

To see a list of what we sharpen and the prices of our sharpening services

About Our Services



,                                      , 

Scissors Sharpening

We sharpen many types of fabric sheers and household scissors. This includes Pinking sheers.( No Hair or Pet Scissors) Brands such as Fiskers, Gingher, Weiss, Kai.  We use the Twice as sharpening system.    

Kitchen Knives, Sharpening

We sharpen many types of knives. Such as Chefs knives, Bread Knifes, Boning and Paring knives Santoku Knives, Serrated Knives, Cleavers, Steak knives and more.

This includes Top Brands of Kitchen Cutlery, both Western and Japanese. top Brands such as Wusthof, J.A.Henckles, Chicago Cutlery, Global, Shun and many more.. We also sharpen most Hunting, Fishing and Pocket knives 

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